Unique features

Easy cleaning

The Pleat cooler is easy to clean, and does not require special training or skills. The cooler is opened by disassembling the threaded bars, spreading the end plates slightly, and tilting out the elements. Pull off the flowplates, and the element is ready for high pressure water cleaning.



The corrugation can be considered to be an obstacle to cleaning, but simulations and real-life testing show that the crossing Chevron-pattern is able to carry fouling and particles up and out of the element when washed with a water jet washer at suitable angle.


Calcium based deposits
Cleaning of calcium-based fouling, like shell deposits, is different. If cleaning with water jet washer reveals rough whitish surfaces, it is necessary to clean with acid based conventional chemicals.
The Pleat element constitutes its own bath when put horizontally on the ground. The acid can be collected and re-used.